Summer WingFest Restaurant Announced: Hopsmith

HopSmithLogoHere for their first WingFest, new comers Hopsmith! The Prohibition Era has a special place in Chicago’s history. It is from this time that Al Capone, America’s “best known gangster,” came to become one of the most recognized symbols of lawlessness stimulated by prohibition in Chicago.

This uneasy relationship between gangsters and the public, who were trying to get what they were denied by government, helped define our city during this time. These underground heroes were referred to as “Hopsmiths” known as experts who produced the finest beer for locals to enjoy in secret safe-havens throughout Chicago.

In honor of the Hopsmith, who perfected this tradition serving a fundamental need during Prohibition, The Big Onion Tavern Group would like to announce the opening of their newest location; Hopsmith Tavern, located at 15 W. Division in the heart of the Gold Coast.

Favorite Show: The Sopranos
Favorite Movie: The Untouchables
Favorite Book: The Devil in the White City
Personality: Dark and Dapper